Replacement POP Handle


1 Replacement POP Handle

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Replacement POP Handle

New Replacement POP Handle to replace your old handle.

1 Re-enforced handle with a total of 4 anchor points in each handle for superior strength. Each handle has a hardened nylon anti-twist inner backbone with an integrated all-in one outer neoprene soft cover.

This system allows the rider to be confident the handles will minimise erratic board movement while providing a soft comfortable grip to the hand in all surf conditions.

Screws Not Included

Note 1:

As Race Boards are hand made the plugs do sometimes end up slightly different distances apart when the holes are drilled or when the fibreglass sets around the plugs.

When this happens in the factory we measure the distance of the two holes with a ruler (Normally between 2.5 – 3.5cm sometimes even 4cm) then make a mark on the under side of the handle (sometimes you only need to make 1 new hole, sometimes 2) Then we use the screw & driver or pointy knife to make a small hole from the underside first then from the top side turning the flap inside out then turn the flap back after making the hole. The holes don’t need to be large as its just a guide.

Always screw the screws through the handles first before into the plug holes in the board.

Note 2:

Please note that since 2007 we have been using the double screw handles. So please check your board handles to see if each handle has 4 screw holes. Unfortunately we do not stock the old 2 screw handle anymore.

However, some people have put on the new style handle on the older style board by utilising the first whole at the front of the handle and the second whole at the back.

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